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:: Smithery

Metal work:

The metal work operation is situated nearby our company location and covers 320m2. There is a complete set of equipment and tools necessary for universal smithery. With a wide stock line of the most common metallurgic materials and semifinished goods.

Our production includes  all our concrete mixers - plant spare parts and structures and construction types including basic platforms, service protected or emergency stairs, solid newel stairs, stair units, stair-rail, concrete panel forms, bridge girder systems, makeshifts, roof structures, station canopies, drive-up ramps for industry buildings, other kind of metal structures and small metal works.

We manufacture with the use of these machines:

  • vertical lift shears - length of cut 3 m, plate thickness 1 -  6 mm
  • vertical lift shears - length of cut 2 m, plate thickness 1 - 20 mm
  • contour shears
  • table, mounted and magnetic drilling machines
  • band saw, bending machine
  • universal planer with length of a plane 3m and width of a plane 80cm
  • stranding machine - width 1 m
  • hydraulic press, turning machines
  • horizontal shape machine, cantilever milling machine
  • gantry cranes, 3 and 5 tones in smithery area
  • oxy house gas, oxy acetylene or electrical arc welding
  • plasma cutting



  •   Camera monitoring system
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