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Investor - Přerov town, execution 2008
maják Lighthouse nearby the river Bečva. All-metal structure including steel plate covering with rurface finishing and inner dumb well for servicing of the three clock faces.


Drill hall - elementary school Vrahovice, execution 2000
ZŠ Vrahovice Complete all-metal roof structure of elementary school drill hall.

Cement silo with kontent of 60 tons, execution 2000
Silo Completely equipped cement silo 60 tons including supporting structure and flue-gas cleanup system preparation.

Haná metalworks Prostějov, execution 2000
Železárny All-metal structure external circular stair including construction with cover plates.


Hydrometeorology institute Prague-Pomořany, execution 1999
hyrtomet Servicing all-metal circular stair of hydrometeorology station.



Tranformer mould, execution 1998
trafostanice All-metal structure, tranformer mould controlled by hydraulic power.

Stairway - Cyrilic and Method grammar school Prostějov, execution 1998
Schodiště System of external terraced emergency stairs at school building. All-metal structure.

Archdiocese museum Olomouc, execution 1998
dveřní stěna Glassed-in metal door-wall in the house of museum.

Archdiocese museum Olomouc, execution 1998
okrasné dveře Decorative metal door of museum engine room. Visual workmanship matches to listed structure imaginations about building history.

Archdiocese museum Olomouc, execution 1998
přechodový krček Gross-over bridge. Metal structure, Window glass plate system


Container, STM Olomouc, execution 1997
stm Warehousing covered container. Basic metal construction filled up by shaped cover plates.

Balcony access house Olomouc, execution 1997
Pavlače Complete double decked gallery fence including tie arches.

Church Luhačovice, execution 1997
kostel Roof acoustic metal structure including supportive system. General vault span - 35 meters.


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