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:: Modern safety systems of work STI

Protection of the human health during the working time is very important in this time. There is a very big possibility to rise a work injury! Those are growing up from several reasons – by enhanced turnover of the employers (mainly in summer building season), by not enough time for on-the-job training, by involuntary ignorance. These all potentials calls for work injury!!


The French safety component units STI belongs to the best of the today market possibilities! STI units are able to meet the most of your safety requests and even more by their combinations. Our company is providing deliveries and instalations-assembling of them in the rich scale of using. STI units can provide the real security – safeness and health protection of your people!


STI systems are based on key transfer principle, which is necessary for abidance by rules determinated by producer or labour protection manager. The key put pressure on employer to respect safety procedure btw. during opening the space under skip-hoist. In opposite side can forbid access of trespassers. All these things directly helping to eliminate an injury possibility or can helps to identify who is responsible crash debtor. Amid indisputable advantages belongs:


  • high level of anti-dust protection and rough service conditions
  • maintenance-free running and high lifetime (about 30 years)
  • base of the positive security, preclusive to lock a man in dangerous space
  • possibility to get security-safety level class 4 by their applications in the plant
  • legal and meeting Czech and EU machine safety conditions and law


STI systems are mechanical or electro-mechanical. We are doing and providing safety analyses of your plants by request. Also including the solution concept with variants.



Solutions of the basic protection of the concrete plants:



    1. Provision of the upper mixing space at the mixer:
( locking of the upper cover doors )
STI systems are forcing an employer to switch off the machine firstly. Then lock the master switch in position "OFF". Only then is possible to take out the cover door key from the lock ( which is blocked in master switch lock until this moment ) and open it


   Until the doors are opened, nobody can switch-on the machine and bring to pass any injury!




    2. Provision against free entry into the space under skip hoist:

Combination of the locks provides entry forbiddance for any person to the space under skip hoist. Before own entry is necessary to fix-lock the skip hoist in protected position. Thereby is unblocked the secon key which is needed for opening the space under skip, e.g. for maintainance.


    3. Provision of the cement filling pipes:

Cement pipe busbar isoften confused and cement kind is filled into the wrong silo. RGV system makes it possible to eliminate this kind of hazard thanks to classic connector adjustment. Each RGV connector has ownself code which is accordant only with specific key. It does follow that cement cistern driver have to use singular key for each kind of cement - for correct silo. This key is ready only at dispatcher of plant ( or other dedicated person ). The massive solid construction of this connector meet the farm and food prescripts. Further is ready for chemist plastomer industry. There already exist electro-mechanical variety of the connector and key.




    4.Provision of the gravel aggregate star stockyard:
Each fraction of stockyard is dammed by solid rope, which defends a car to drive in to the loading capacity of stockyard. As the same case before - this kind of protection detainer a discharge to wrong fraction - following mixture of fraction sizes. The rope is unblocked only by right key of right fraction.


    5.Provision of entry of competent persons and entry to power distributors:

STI products are usable even for entry restriction to the protected zones ( where is placed power panel, important maste switch, etc. ). Using is for turn on or turn off a part of whole technologies, vibrating lines, loaders, electrcity and other for only competent persons! Applications assembled on distributor panels, boxes, master switches, disabling circuits are made and composed from mechanical or electro-mechanical strong and solid locks, whose keys are coded. Entry to some of these zones or specific operations is possible only after fulfilment of predefined procedures. Alternatively is entry allowed for atuhorised persons only ( only the have the right keys). No one can enter without the key or finished predefined procedure. Which is substantial reduction of any kind of hazard!




  •   Camera monitoring system
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