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Compact and cheap concrete plant operating control system for easy applications. There is a possibility of automatic operating in tensiometer option. In applications, where is important mainly price is better to use manual volumetric dosing for some components or mechanical scale with manual-hand dosing
Concrete plant servicing by control panel switches.
Dosing principle:
Automatic water, cement and aggregate dosing is based on weight principle of dosing into the weighting container. Measuring units are tensiometer sensors. For fixation of vibrations and crossing forces are used elastic damping units. Dosing units are providing self dosing. For really easy applications is ready to use the mechanical scale with manual-hand dosing or manual volumetric dosing. For plasticizers dosing is offered the volumetric dosing by dosing pumps. Also can be used dosing based on weight principle of dosing into the weighting container.

Calibration and tare of tensiometer scales:
calibration is automatic and tare regulating is semiautomatic.

Error detection isn´t installed

Higher level of operating control system by type SCADA-HMI:
!!!it is impossible to install !!!


  • user´s guide and maintenance instructions.
  • wiring diagram.
  • spare parts cataloque and overwiew of all standard extension possibilities.

Standard delivery doesn´t includes power panel supply and lightning protection components.



  •   Camera monitoring system
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