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:: BET-control OperatorLT

Open modular control system for fully automatic operating of the concrete plants with weighting dosing. Visualisation (on screen) of the technologic proceedings is included. The visualisation means – technologic process scheme, printing of the documents (delivery notes, production cards and etc.), production management and registry. Operating of the plant is proceeded from control panel and personal computer with printer. Secundary commanding is possible from auxiliary control panel at power panel door.

Notice: BET-control Operator LT is also in better, more expensive version, where is control panel substituted by computer with screen-touch.

Technological panel
Technological panel Is the main panel of the application. The panel is active only after start of the app- lication. This screen provides all of the important informations about technology, displays promptly weights at each scale and activities/status at other parts of the plant. Further includes actual prescription and other parameters for production – water correction, consistency, operating unit sof the light and voice signalization


Database panel
Database panel Provides prescription database and registry of the program. Makes it possible to add, erase, modify of the business partners, drivers, licence numbers, prescription lists.




Calibration panel
Calibration panelProvides calibration setting for correct dosing of the each component. The program makes set up of the all constants configurated by state calibration check. The access is protected by code.





Delivery note panel

Delivery note panel

Displays delivery note page, which is Possible to fill and print. Using is for the last one and just now finished business.

Expert setting panel

Expert setting panelMakes it possible to direct configuration of the whole technologic proceeding and hour plant output maximalising. It is possible to change a time of the material input from dosing scales into the mixer, outlet discharging time, scale tolerances and make shorter mixing cycle by this way.



Statistics panel
Statistics panel Includes additional panels with informationsabout material consumption, material deliveries, business partners, registry and etc..





dosing principle:
For water, cement and aggregates dosing is used weight principle of dosing directly into the weighting container. For fixation of vibrations and crossing forces are used elastic damping units. Data collection and transfer to number provides intelligent transducer by serial communication line. For not so difficult conditions is used volumetric dosing of plasticizers by dosing pumps which is budget-priced. If is used any other dosing than weight principle – is it possible, but producer doesn´t recommend it.

Error detection, abnormal conditions and deviations of the allowed values:
Operating control system contains error detection, demage notes and deviations of the allowed values.


  • user´s guide and maintenance instructions.
  • wiring diagram.
  • spare parts cataloque and overwiew of all standard extension possibilities.

Standard delivery doesn´t includes power panel supply and lightning protection components.



  •   Camera monitoring system
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