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:: BET-kontrol

Open modular operating control system for concrete plants.

Concrete plant operating staff is conducted from control panel – placed in power panel door. For maintenance and servicing are installed auxiliary drivers.

Dosing principle:
For water, cement and aggregates dosing is used weight principle of dosing directly into the weighting container. For fixation of vibrations and crossing forces are used elastic damping units. Data collection and transfer to number provides intelligent transducer by serial communication line. For not so difficult conditions is used volumetric dosing of plasticizers by dosing pumps which is budget-priced. If is used any other dosing than weight principle – is it possible, but producer doesn´t recommend it.

Calibration and tare:
Tare is automatical and calibration is semi-automatical. During the calibration process is engaged the weight of the plomb and confirmed by points in which are the scale with and without plumb. During each process is saved time and date of the calibration.

Error detection, abnormal conditions and deviations of the allowed values:
Operating control system contains error detection, demage notes and deviations of the allowed values.

Higher level of operating control system by type SCADA-HMI:
This system is ready for higher controling by SCADA-HMI extension, even in basic type. Additional completion of the higher operating is easy and without software or wiring conection changing. BET-control system become to BET-control operator system, by this change. Description is in separate document below.


  • user´s guide and maintenance instructions.
  • wiring diagram.
  • spare parts cataloque and overwiew of all standard extension possibilities.

Standard delivery doesn´t includes power panel supply and lightning protection components.



  •   Camera monitoring system
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