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:: Additional aggregates

Additional aggregates.

Sand - and gravel separation

  • To improve concrete quality
  • vCleaner aggregate for better concrete
  • Sand and gravel can be returned to stock pile separately
  • High discharge height for sand and gravel
  • Discharge positions can be adapted to the local situation
  • The sand and gravel separation unit can be retrofitted to existing plant

Concrete pump discharge

  • The ability to clean pump without putting machine below ground
  • Only small area needed to install excavation area
  • Concrete pumps can be cleaned separately and does not block main hopper
  • Conveying capacity: 6 m³ residual concrete/h
  • No waiting-times, for the pump-discharge conveyor transports the material continuously to – the main unit
  • The pump-discharge conveyor can be attached to any aggregate washer, e.g. screw conveyor

Machine with external bucket row

  • Material is discharged into a feeding hopper at ground level. The row of outside buckets lift the aggregate into the recycler, ideal for concrete pumps and wash water rinse off from batching plant.

Mobile Unit/

  • The mobile unit can be installed and ready for operation within 12 hours
  • Only connection to batch plant is required All electrical fittings and pipe relayings are already carried out at works
  • The wash-out unit is completely equipped with water recycling tank (36 m³) and agitator

Dosing buffer

  • For rapid emptying of ready-mix concrete trucks
  • Facilitates extremely rapid emptying
  • Various sizes available with buffer capacities of from 3-10 m³
  • Installed in place of a feed hopper, the dosing buffer feeds material at an even rate into the wash-out plant
  • Up to 8 ready-mix trucks can be emptied at the same time
  • The use of the dosing buffer allows installation of a smaller aggregate washer


  •   Camera monitoring system
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