PROBET s.r.o.
Olomoucká 235/130
796 07 Držovice

e-mail: probet@probet.cz
tel./fax: +420 582 339 457
+420 602 514 035
+420 602 677 743

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PROBET Ltd. is engaged in deliveries of complete technologic plants, constructions and re-constructions of concrete equipment, concrete mixing plants and productions.

Our points of way are also deliveries of concrete plants for special, substandard and other mixtures with design projects of component and admixture dosing, including pertinent modifications of them. Further we can offer manufacturing of cement silos with flue gas cleanup project and tensiometer system, aggregate and powdery material containers, worm and belt conveyers – even in mobile option, vibrating tables, residual concrete recycling systems, assorting lines. From smithery section it is producing and assembling of various kinds of metal structures and other products.

From operator control and monitoring section it is projection and supplies of operating control systems including visualization of operating software, concrete moisture measuring, weighting and dosing systems – that all with putting into service, user´s manual, on the job training indeed. For complete company activity remains to say – selling of our product spare parts, service activity during plant accidents, delivery of assembling, disassembling, general repairing by expert way.

Probet Ltd.



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