PROBET s.r.o.
Olomoucká 235/130
796 07 Držovice

e-mail: probet@probet.cz
tel./fax: +420 582 339 457
+420 602 514 035
+420 602 677 743

The firm PROBET Ltd. was estabilished in 1995 as a purely trading company supplying concrete mixers spare parts. Three years later the company activities grew by delivery of complete solutions for concrete production. The specialist team also expanded its operations  with new ideas, continual improvement and system development like the complex solution of orders as turnkey contracts. Company strategy also changed in terms of do any thing to serve the customers needs with a clear vision of forfilling customer expectations. The firm consolidated  its market position and offers still wider possibilities and products. In 2004 the smithery plant was founded as the local office with complete machine technology for our own needs and at same time for the possibility of smithery work extension. The company transformed like that, stopped trading as a spare parts supplier and became to significant producer of concrete technology, not only in the Czech republic but also in Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and the Ukraine.

Our customers are important concrete producers and international concerns for example: ZAPA beton, CEMEX group - Transport Beton Morava, Heidelberg cement group - TBG Betonmix, Holcim - Austria, Wertheim safes Ltd.-  Austria, BODE PANZER-Germany, Skanska, PRESBETON,  ŽPSV, Gravel-pit Dolní Benešov, Prefa Grygov, Prefa Brno, Happy-Mix beton, STAFIS, TRANSBETON, VEREBEX.

Thanks to continuous advancement and ISO centification the company is ready to carry out any customer requirements directly-made-to-measure or make a propsal of the best solution according to their technical questions and needs.



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